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Episode 25 – Digital Retailers Get Physical (feat. James Cook, JLL)

On today’s Building Success, a real estate podcast, Nick talks with James Cook, the Director of Retail Research for the Americas at JLL. They discuss some current trends in the retail sector and more specifically dive into the “clicks to bricks” movement, where many digital-native retailers have begun opening physical stores.

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Episode 24 – Community Revitalization In The CLE (feat. Tim Bratz)

On today’s episode of Buildling Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nick sits down with Tim Bratz, CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings at his offices in Cleveland to discuss the revitalization efforts that Tim and his team have been making to apartment communities and office spaces in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Tim also provides some background on what brought him to real estate, and discusses his strategies in both investing in real estate, as well as successfully managing properties.

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Episode 23 – Rent Reporting – Myth Vs. Fact (feat. RentTrack)

On today’s Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nick is joined by Lora Johnson, Director of Enterprise Marketing at RentTrack to discuss some of the myths and facts surrounding rent reporting to credit bureaus.

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Episode 22 – Space As A Service (feat. Antony Slumbers)

On today’s Building Success episode, Nick speaks with Antony Slumbers about #SpaceAsAService, and the change and innovation in workspace. They dive into this monumental shift in how people work, how automation and tech is advantageous for both the worker and landlord, and discuss some of the recent news in this space, including the recent WeWork IPO announcement.

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Antony’s article on Propmodo:
McKinsey Survey re: 49% of tasks have potential of being automated: click here
The Apartment (1960) re: Jack Lemon film mentioned by Antony:
Player Piano (Kurt Vonnegut) re: Automation of Machines:
The Second Curve (Charles Handy) re: the S Curve:
The Leesman Index re: 500,000 interviews with employees about productivity:
Jeff Bezos Interview in 1999 about providing a service:
The Everything Store (Brad Stone) re: Jeff Bezos/Amazon Story:

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Episode 21 – Creating a Data Standard (feat. VTS)

On today’s Building Success, Nick speaks with Rick Ferrino (Chief Data Officer) and Joe Moskowitz (Head of Partnerships) from VTS about creating a common data standard in real estate, the need for an organization to keep clean data, and the future of data in the industry.

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Episode 20 – Live From IUC EMEA (Challenges In Residential Agencies)

On this panel, conducted at the MRI Software International Users Conference EMEA, Ed Mead from Viewber took attendees through challenges agents and their clients have faced in the last 10 years. He then participated in a panel with Mitesh Patel from Engage, Rajeev Nayyar from Fixflo, and Trevor Youens from MRI Software.

Episode 19 – Live from IUC EMEA (Latest Real Estate Technology Trends)

Today’s Building Success podcast was recorded live at IUC EMEA 2018 in London. Moderated by Andy Birch, the panel included Richard Belgrade from Leverton, Stephen Baker from insightsoftware, and Dean Nixon from TopUp Consultants. This lively discussion discussed tech challenges, but also some opportunities for the advancement of technology, not only in investment organizations but in real estate companies as a whole.

Episode 18 – Charting UK Property Trends

On this episode of Building Success, Nick speaks with James Lavery, EMEA Marketing Director at MRI Software, about a report published recently about UK Property Trends. Today’s discussion dives deep into the findings regarding the evolving retail industry, proptech, Brexit and more.

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Episode 17 – Live from IUC (Tech Challenges In Investment Organizations)

Today’s Building Success podcast was recorded live at IUC 2018 in Atlanta Georgia, Moderated by Andy Birch, the panel included Abhinav Somani from Leverton, Josh Malinoff from REdirect Consulting, and Ray LeBrun from Cohn Resnick (formerly NOI Strategies). This lively discussion discussed tech challenges, but also some opportunities for the advancement of technology, not only in investment organizations but in real estate companies as a whole.

Episode 16 – Preparing Your Property For The Holidays (feat. Notifii)

Nick speaks with Anh Tran, CEO and co-founder of Notifii about preparations Property Managers should make for this upcoming holiday season. With Amazon announcing free shipping on all orders this year, the influx of packages, mixed with sometimes extreme weather can put new strains on your leasing and management offices. Nick and Anh discuss the many ways you can prepare now for the holiday season ahead.

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